Bailey Scholars Reflection

As an Interdisciplinary Studies major in the College of Social Science, I am always looking to broaden the scope of my worldview as well as approach content—social or academic—with a different perspective. The Bailey Scholars program is a space that advocates for diversity and inclusion principles, interdisciplinary approaches through collaborative learning, and personalized learning through the organizations Learning Vision Statement (LVS).

In college and in the professional realm, I seek to continue to educate myself and practice diversity, equity, and inclusion policies that are reinforced through the Bailey Scholars Program. Additionally, the programs emphasis on interdisciplinary perspectives directly correlates to my major which will continue to contribute to a deeper analysis of topics throughout the course, my major, and professional career. Being able to look at something from a different lens, allows for the gaining of new information regarding the topic. Moreover, as someone who has a lot of interests that are limited to the majors and minors here at Michigan State University, the learning vision statement allows me to tailor my learning specifically towards my areas of interest complementing my majors; this allows for enrichment of my learning that will help develop and diversify my resume. The Bailey Scholars Program focuses on personal growth and self-reflection. Prior to BSP, I haven’t necessarily had to reflect my learning and personal growth—I haven’t done this on my own time either.

Throughout my involvement in BSP, I hope to begin to apply self-reflection to my other classes as well as be able to recognize my personal growth and development; I think I need to focus more on self-celebration rather than things I can improve constantly. Lastly, the program consists of experience learning components—attendance, facilitations, research, and group activities—that will challenge my way of thinking since this is not a “traditional” classroom environment.

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